The third edition of the Tour de KonstytucjaPl project “Vote for Poland”

The third edition Tour de Konstytucja is the continuation of the educational and informational civic project run for the last two years by the Congress of Civic Democratic Movements 9-(KORD) Foundation. The current edition focuses on the rule of law and democratic process in the light of the upcoming parliamentary elections. It also aims at encouraging greater citizens’ involvement and participation in the process. The present political situation and significant weakening of democracy in Poland requires decisive citizens’ action. In the approaching election, every citizen of Poland should be aware of their voting rights as well as the election control mechanisms.

We want for everyone, regardless of political views, to receive detailed and comprehensive answers to questions regarding the voting process. Most people know they can take part in the elections but are not well informed or convinced about the value of the direct involvement in the electoral process. Rarely does anyone know about articles 60 to 63 of the Constitution of Poland which are key in making decisions during elections or referenda, including the right to obtain the information about public figures. The experience we have gained in the last two years of our project has shown how much is left to do. Civic education has been badly neglected in Poland. Rebuilding it requires hard, grass root work and the workers are not easy to find.

Our goal is to reach the largest possible group of people with the right to vote. But not only them - young citizens who are still under 18 also need education on their Constitutional rights. The initiative will be created in partnership with legal groups, including: the Supreme Bar Council, National Chamber of Legal Advisers and The Election Observatory as well as academics, judges, prosecutors, and civic organizations - about 500 organizers in total. Cooperation of those groups will take place directly in the field as well as through regular online meetings. The aim of our activities is to broaden civic awareness of and participation in electoral activity. This will be achieved by education in electoral law, real examples of the operation of electoral commissions and the way election observers work. This will increase the number of citizens directly involved and they will be better prepared to perform these functions.

Tour de KonstytucjaPL edition 2022

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